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anything is possible when you have wings.

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For a limited time only, our Bee necklace and earrings are %20 off (excludes Bee Tag Necklace.. sorry!). ┬áDon’t miss your chance to save big on these BEEautiful items. Use Promo code: buzzybeez at check out!  

Hello to our awesome customers! Our shipping department is on vacation (whew - they deserve it!)- so any orders placed will not be processed until June 28th, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience - and to make the wait for your order a bit more bearable (although not any faster) - you may place an order today and use this code for 20% off: vacay20 ~Thank you! Carol Young Silver (Again - purchases will not be processed until June 28th, 2018) Dismiss

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